Another Incredible Journey Through Song on Cayamo 2012

Another Incredible Journey Through Song on Cayamo 2012


  1. My favorite Cayamo performances were by:

    Richard Thompson Trio
    Buddy Miller (with band and special guests, including Richard Thompson and Jim Lauderdale)
    Loud and Rich (Loudon Wainwright III and Richard Thompson)
    Richard Thompson Solo
    Rhett Miller (of Old 97’s, solo and with some surprise guests)
    Keb’ Mo’
    The Civil Wars
    WPA (and Watkins Family Hour)
    Enter The Haggis
    Lucinda Williams (with band and guests)
    Loudon Wainwright III (with guests Sloan Wainwright and Greg Leisz)

    I was also impressed by David Ryan Harris, Angie Aparo, Edwin McCain, Joe Purdy, and others
    that I saw for the first time on Cayamo 2012.

    • Love your list! Though, I was actually quite disappointed by Lucinda’s performance. She was a bit of a mess…I guess I expected more 🙂 Buddy Miller always rocks it! I especially loved that he brought the gal who’s backed him up on so many albums (did you happen to catch her name?!). She brought a whole new energy to an already reliably fantastic show.

      • Regina McCrary was the female singer in Buddy Miller’s band.

        At the time I was pleased with the two Lucinda sets I saw, mainly because of the backing band and song selection. Although I was a little disappointed by the fact that she didn’t do “Can’t Let Go” (probably my favorite Lucinda song) at those two shows, and I can understand the arguments regarding her vocals and performance / energy level, I still enjoyed those shows.

        This was my first Cayamo.

        I am still going through my photos and videos and I have been uploading a number of them to flickr (bamjuggler) and YouTube (BrianMillerConcerts)

        • Kristel says:

          Aha! Regina McCrary! Thank you so much…I LOVED her. Found you on Flickr too! Great pics!

        • Kristel says:

          Oh, & PS…welcome to the “Cayamo family” 🙂 Hope to see you there next year!

    • I am also a big fan of John Hiatt and his songs. I saw him perform on Cayamo once solo and once with Lyle Lovett, If they bring Hiatt back on a future Cayamo, I hope he brings a band along to back him up. Hiatt has performed with many great musicians/bands in the past.

      • He’s great too! He brought his band on the 2010 cruise (I think it was that year). Was this your first Cayamo experience?

  2. Nice blog! We are also four-time Cayamans. I agree with you about Lucinda. We saw what I think was her first show, and it just wasn’t up to the standard we had come to expect from her. I’m pretty sure we are in the minority with that opinion. John Hiatt had his band along in 2009, and they were great. Our favorites this year included the usual suspects: Buddy Miller), John Prine, Richard Thompson and Lyle Lovett. Newcomers who really impressed us: The Civil Wars, Michael McDermott (who seems to be doing really well in a second-chance career) and Levi Lowery. Really, there wasn’t much we didn’t like!

    • Kristel says:

      Phew…yeah, I was a bit worried after writing my opinion about Lucinda, I might get lynched 🙂 She’s great, was just disappointed. I suppose we also have to remember these artists may sometimes be performing while seasick, etc. though I can’t speculate on whether she was affected by this. Yet another great year. It’s pretty much impossible not to have an awesome time!

      • Joan Huntley says:

        Earl and I are 5 timers and each year- it just keeps getting better and better. Re: Lucinda- I don’t have to speculate. Saw her catching the first night Sarah Jaffe show in Magnums. She had calmed her nerves a bit with a little more than a bit of wine…. and whatever. She was quite nervous with the Concordia wreck the week prior and she NEVER GOES ON BOATS according to what I have heard in past. Because of that I was so surprised when Andy was able to get her on board. Love your very artistic island pics. 🙂

        • Thanks for adding your thoughts! Poor Lucinda…that whole Concordia thing was a mess, but all reports of how things were handled seemed so different from what we experience on Cayamo. Sometimes it does hit me while we’re out at sea how vulnerable we are…but in my morbid mind, I figure if I die there, I’ll be in my happy place!

  3. When this train was in Durham, North Carolina it was incredible and they have moved down to Savannah tomorrow. Don’t miss it if you are in the area!!! This is Cayamo on land for sure!

    • WOW…the Hallelujah Train looks freakin’ incredible! Are you going tonight?! Love the pics you took on the trip too! For anyone else reading these comments, just click on Kelv’s name & you’ll be taken to his photo album 🙂 More great memories!